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What is HerMantra?

HerMantra is a subsidiary brand of MantraCare .

MantraCare is a global wellness provider offering mental and physical well-being services. In the mental health space it owns brands including TherapyMantra, MantraCoach, OCDMantra, CoupleMantra and PrideMantra. MantraCare also offers physical wellbeing solutions through it brands such as Yogamantra, Physiomantra, HerMantra, FitMantra, and DiabetesMantra.

MantraCare serves both B2C and B2B clients across 30+ countries via a network of 1500+ providers. With over 100,000+ sessions conducted & 5000+ clients served, MantraCare is has become a global wellness leader

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No matter where you are in life, Mantracare’s wellbeing programs are built to change as you do.

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Our Subsidiaries
MantraCare and its subsidiaries exert a positive influence on an individual’s health and lifestyle choices through their specialized approaches to wellness. We house multiple specialized subsidiaries, in the following areas:

Mental Health : Online Therapy (TherapyMantra), Online Therapy, Arab Online Therapy, Singapore Online Therapy, Online Therapy India, Online Therapy UK, Australia Online Therapy, USA Online Therapy, Online Therapy Canada, Mental Health Test (MyMindTest), Psychologist Near Me, OCD Counseling (OCDMantra), Couple Counseling (CoupleMantra), LGBTQ Counseling
Wellness: Diabetes Treatment (DiabetesMantra), Online Physiotherapy (PhysioMantra), Women Wellness (HerMantra), Online Yoga (YogaMantra), Online Fitness (MantraFit)
Corporate Solutions: Life coaching (MantraCoach), EAP (Mantra.Care), EAP Employee Wellness
Eye / Surgical Care : EyeMantra (Eye Hospital), MantraCare India (Surgery Center), EyeMantra Opticals (Optical Store), Cataract Eye Surgery, Laser Lasik Surgery, Lasik Delhi, Hospital Empanelment
NGO: EyeMantra Foundation (Charitable Eye NGO), Mantra Foundations (Charitable Healthcare NGO)