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Why PCOS/PCOD Reversal with Hermantra?

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women regularise theirperiods within first 3 months

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women lose weight within the first month

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Symptoms of PCOS

irregular periods
Missed, irregular, or very light periods
Ovaries large
Ovaries that are large or have many cysts
body hair
Excess body hair (hirsutism).
weight gain
Weight gain, specially around belly
Acne or oily skin

The Science behind Hermantra’s Reversal Approach


40+ Lifestyle & Environmental Factors Analysed

exceptional outcomes

Personalised Root Cause Assessment

low costs

Work with a team of PCOS Experts & Specialists


Continuous Monitoring & Tracking

How it works?

case file

Share your PCOS case history

Our Health Coach will understand your PCOS history, test reports, symptoms and lifestyle.


Get a free root cause evaluation

According to your symptoms and test reports, our Health Coach will explain to you the root cause of your PCOS.

holistic care

Learn about our holistic care

Our Health Coach will suggest you a plan personalized for you - to help you manage your PCOS holistically.

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I had been living with PCOS/PCOD for over 10 years and had tried everything to manage it, but nothing worked. I was extremely frustrated and felt like I had no other options. Hermantra changed my life. Not only did it help me lose weight and get my PCOS/PCOD under control, but I also felt better than I had in years. The staff is amazing and they really care about their patients. I would recommend Hermantra to anyone struggling with PCOS/PCOD or any other chronic health condition.​


I had been struggling with PCOS/PCOD for a very long time and had tried everything possible to get rid of it but nothing seemed to work. I had almost lost all hope when one of my friends suggested that I try Hermantra’s treatment for PCOS/PCOD. I am so glad that I did because within a few months of starting the treatment, all my symptoms had disappeared and I was feeling better than before. I would highly recommend Hermantra to anyone who is struggling with PCOS/PCOD.


I was suffering from PCOS/PCOD for the last few years. I tried all kinds of medicines and treatments but nothing worked for me. Then, one of my friends suggested that I try Ayurvedic treatment at Her Mantra Clinic. I am so glad that I did! The doctors here are very experienced and knowledgeable. They not only treated my PCOS/PCOD but also helped me to understand the root cause of the problem. I am now living a healthy and happy life, thanks to Her Mantra Clinic!